Monday, October 17, 2011

Big day

My Grandma celebrated her 80th birthday last weekend.  It took me the whole week to go through and edit the bunches and bunches of photos I took.  I was assigned the job of photographer and I took it seriously. People were probably rolling their eyes about it, but I knew I needed to take a bunch so that I could get enough keepers.  It kept me out of the kitchen.  Except when they needed someone to taste desserts.  I was in the kitchen then. 

Here's my Grandma and one of my Aunts. I'm sure they are busily going over last minute details.  Or wondering how many pictures I will take or if there will be enough dessert left after my kids were done begging in the kitchen.

 Exhibit 1:  Bee's cheeks are full of brownies but she's picked out some cake she wants as well. 

My youngest sister helped keep Bee and Lou entertained.  

Here she is, my youngest sister. Isn't she cute?  She's a senior in high school this year- which makes me feel young... or old... as hubby reminds me, she used to be a baby when we first started dating. 

Lou and daddy:

I know my grandma is wishing I had not posted as many pictures of her here, but here's one of the 150 shots I have of her mingling with her guest.  150 is just the keepers.  

 Here's the kitchen staff hard at work.  The party had a picnic bbq theme.  The food was SO good.  I have changed my mind about coleslaw and lima beans. Not together of course, I would not change my mind about that.

My Aunt and uncle are on the left front sort of.  My grandma then is in the striped jacket.  My dad is in the back left next to my stepmom.  My youngest sister is in the middle in pink. Bee and Lou of course there in front.  Hubby is in orange and I'm next to him. My oldest younger sister and her boyfriend are on the end at the right.  Hubby says I should mention that I am wearing flats and the sister next to me must be in tall heels. I can't really remember though.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures...I wish that I could have been there!

-Cousin Julia

Kelly said...

Wish we had been there, too!

Aunt Donna said...

Yes, it was a "big day"! Thanks for being the "official photographer". You did a great job.

Danielle said...

Wow! Meg is getting so big! I remember her when she was just a little girl at Kelly and Dave's wedding. Also, I think she sort of looks like you in the picture with Bee.

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