Sunday, March 25, 2012

science experiment FAIL

I'm a sucker.  I saw this idea on Pinterst and then watched a few videos on Youtube and I fell for it.  

You're supposed to mix these three ingredients, shake, and then it's supposed to glow.  

This is a hoax.  It doesn't work.  After some further research I confirmed that it was a hoax.  Except we didn't know it. 

And we treated it super scientifically. 

We had high hopes. 

And then nothing.  We tried it 5 times to make sure it wasn't us or our measurements.  It's just simply a hoax.   

If you mix mountain dew, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide and shake.... it will not glow.  WILL NOT GLOW.   Look at what Bee wrote for results... NO.

  But a glow stick in the dark will.  Thankfully I had a few on hand.  I'm a hoarder like that. 


Sparkling said...

That is the most excellent way to do an activity!!! I LOVE that you did it all scientifically like that! And now she knows that not everything we see/hear should be believed. Now you should suggest that she do an experiment that you KNOW will work (that she doesn't know about yet) and have her do it the same way so she can see that sometimes, science IS cool!!

April said...

I'm not familiar with this experiment but I know a few folks who were disappointed in the "Elephant's TOothpaste Experiment". For that you need a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide than the drug store type. Could that be the problem here too?

Regardless, it's a great life lesson to try things out before you believe them.
Love your blog!

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