Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas story book

We were looking for a nice quiet craft activity for the kids to work on while we were at my Grandma's for Thanksgiving and came up with a Christmas story book. They get up so early and the kid free people need just a few more minutes of rest. It has the story of Jesus' birth and a different craft/art activity on each page. I just typed it up on the computer and sent hubby and my sister to the copy shop to get it printed on card stock and bound in a spiral. This should have cost about $5 a piece, but they came back having spent $20 total.... hmmm.... There are a few extras for practice I guess.

Here's the whole thing from Bee's book. I might be able to get to work a little more on some pages, we'll see. She's the kinda girl who just likes to finish up to be done. She dislikes coloring in coloring style books, so her pages are a little plain.

(added wings, halo and glitter)

(color and add yarn for hair- apparently optional)

paint windows and color or decorate (I wanted something for the roof, but am still not sure what to do)

(glue on sticks, straw, and animals)

(glue on straw, wrap up baby and put him in the manger)

(glue on cotton, sheep faces, hat on the shepard, crook)

(glue and glitter on star)

(glue and glitter)

(decorate jars, glue on sequins, glitter, and gold pieces)

(glue on picture of wise men leaving)

(glue on picture of family leaving, add glitter stars in the sky)

(I had no ideas for this page, she did a family picture)

(decorate tree with sequins and glitter, star sticker for top)

So there it is, picture overload. If anyone should be interested, I'd be happy to email the text file to you so you can make your own lovely book. Some of the additional page items are drawn by hand, but you could sure do a number of things with them.

If you leave a comment requesting the text and picture file, please leave an email address....


Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

I loved the project book. We had a great time with the kids, but I don't know when mom and dad get to sleep!!

shang09 said...

I would love the text file. It looks awesome!

Deb_in_oz said...

i would also love the text file - you did a fantastic job on this

Susan said...

WOW, Beth! What an awesome idea! Your kids are so blessed! I would love to have the text file ... I can save this project for when my soon to be born grandson is able to do this.
You amaze me :)

Phyllis said...

Oh, my..I love this book! Could you please send me one?
Love your blog,

Michelle said...

Cute Idea for my grandchildren. Please send me a text file to

Carla said...

Found your blog recently and I love the ideas for keeping little people busy. We're travelling over Christmas and I think this book would be great on the plane. Could you send me the text file please? cdcj[at] Thanks!

no said...

I would love to have the picture file. Do you have one for the Easter book as well? Thank you so much!

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