Saturday, February 20, 2010

big ideas

Bee has been thinking through some big ideas. She struggles with some ideas about death and Jesus. Who can blame her.

Here is a conversation about giving this past week: [words in the brackets were of course not said]
Bee: MOM! Lou threw all my piggy bank money in the air. It's ALL over my room
me: (hiding in the bathroom) I've told you not to leave your piggy bank on your bed. LOU- get in here [seriously people!]
Lou: I just throwed money to God [I love throwing her money!]
Bee: God doesn't need our money [you stupid boy]
Me: Well, God does ask for our money [great, I have to pick up $9.00 in pennies.... again] He asks us to give our money at church and to help other people with our money.
Bee: We can't give all our money away or we wouldn't have any money to buy the stuff we need.
Me: (I gave a nice little talk about how we give money, and trust that God will provide all our needs. Went on to discuss how some of the things we think we need aren't really needs..... [They get it, I taught them something, I made a difference]
Bee: (after a thoughtful minute) If I gave all my money to God, do you think I'd have enough for him to give me a flying pegasus?
Me: (sigh)

Here's this week's discussion about lent:
(note: I clearly do not expect my 2 and 4 year old to 'get' giving something up for lent)
Bee: I want to give up something for lent too.
Me: ok, what are you thinking about?
Bee: the circus
Me: You've never been to the circus.
Bee: I was thinking about going.
Me: It's supposed to be something that will be a sacrifice for you to give up.
Bee: ok, what about makeup?
Me: You're not going to play with makeup- that's pretty good
Bee: no, I'm not going to buy makeup
Me: ok, you're not going to buy makeup
Bee: well, lipstick. I'm not going to buy lipstick
Me: what a sacrifice
Bee: I might buy lipstick, but only if we go to Target, ok?
unrelated photo: The kids are so enjoying having daddy home all day. He's feeling so much better. Not super, but so much better. Everybody loves the extra cuddle time.

Shhh... pretend we're sleeping

My grandma made this quilt, at least several years before I was born. It's on my bed now. I wonder if as she made it she ever thought her great grandchildren would be cuddling under it. I certainly haven't thought about that while making my quilt.


grandma said...

These cold days it is nice to be under the covers. So glad daddy is doing alright. I will have to discuss the surgery sometime. I'm afraid that is going to be in my future.

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

gotta love the faith discussions with preschoolers!

Anonymous said...

I about fell out of my chair---I was laughing so hard. Bee's comment about the circus sounded like something my Grandpa Eblin would have said. I miss his humor. It's good that Bee picked up that gene.

Love Always,

Carole Davids said...

My stomach hurt I was laughing so hard.

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