Wednesday, February 17, 2010

repurposed boy shirt

Lou had this adorable light blue 'chick magnet' shirt from like two years ago that he had more than outgrown. I would have just thrown it in the 'save for future cousins' box (no pressure to my siblings!), but it was stained a bit too.

I picked up a long sleeve t-shirt on clearance for $1.00. There was a tiny little pocket on the front which I carefully removed. He doesn't look like a guy who would stain up shirts, now does he?

I relocated the pocket to the side, cause you never know when you need to carry around something small.

To the light blue shirt, I ironed on some wonder under behind the part of the shirt I wanted to save. Then I just cut out the picture. I had to cut closely to avoid before mentioned stains.

I peeled off the paper from the wonder under and ironed it to the new shirt. One simple stitch around the edge on the sewing machine and done. The chick magnet is back in business.


grandma said...

Good job. Lou seems pleased to have a favorite shirt repurposed.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you were able to save the pocket. You can never have too many pockets. Good job of "repurposing".

Love Always,

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

he certainly looks like a chick magnet!

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