Tuesday, February 16, 2010

quilt along- week three

With all the fun and excitement of this past week, I got a little behind.

Here's last weeks assignment: sewing the quilt top together (for full details, look here at I have to say)

5 rectangles and 5 squares are sewn in each row. There were to be 20 rows. She said we were to put the rectangles in a bag and draw them randomly, but I couldn't do that. I hung my strips on the wall and planned them out about one or two at a time. The strips are sewn, but not sewn together yet. I'm on it though. I really thought the quilt was going to be darker, but adding the natural colored squares really made it light and springy. It's also going to be larger than I thought. I think all three of my loves will be able to snuggle with me under this one!

Leftovers: I have some other fun ideas for these guys.

Here are my previous weeks:

Week 1: choosing and preparing your fabric

Week 2: cutting the fabric


Anonymous said...

Wow--what a neat quilt... I also thought that Carol's meal looked yummy. I am not a fan of chisken wings. I don't like ot eat the skin (it's a texture thing), but cutting up chicken breasts is a good idea. I also am not crazy about potatoes, but those looked good. Maybe it's because they were so small (a size issue).
Love Always,

grandma said...

The quilt is coming along nicely. Are you making a doll quilt with the leftover's? I will just be patient.

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