Thursday, February 18, 2010

I forget

I forgot a lot last week. I forgot about the Valentine's party at Bee's school- I forgot to send her in her heart shirt, forgot to send her with her valentines, and forgot that we started special cards for her teachers and didn't finish. I also forgot that I melted whole bunch of crayons in the oven and turned it back on the next day and then had a smokey house (thick, heavy smoke!) and a small oven fire.

But, sometimes forgetting things isn't that bad. Sometimes I forget that I hate birds. Look at what my new feeder attracted in just the first day.

Mr. Wren. That's Mr. Carolina Wren to you.

It must be Mr. and Mrs. Wren.


Tufted Titmouse: That name is only funny if you are in 7th grade or you are a very bored 30 something guy, home recovering from back surgery.

The next day we had several inches of snow and the cardinals came out:

These two are never far from each other.

Here's a mystery bird. I know the perfect person to ask though at the nature center, I'm sure I'll have this mystery solved by Friday.

What else did I forget? It's hard to say.


Carole Davids said...

This post is funny and fitting for me today. I found something I had forgotten about yesterday. You will be very excited, atleast I hope so anyway. lol

grandma said...

Other than the crayon mess, the other things you forgot are minor. Forgetting about the birds is a treat. I will look around for bird books that mother might have had.
Melting the crayons reminds me of a fireplace starter. Men in our S.S. class melted candles and added sawdust to them and poured in the paper egg cartons. They cut them apart and just bagged them. I've got the candles to melt if you want to try that project.

Anonymous said...

It's great when we forget what we hate. Great pictures!

Love Always,


Phyllis said...

I know what you mean about forgetting. We all have this problem from time to time because we do so much.
Isn't that a mockingbird?

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