Monday, February 1, 2010

snow ice cream

Snow! I was hoping we would have a nice snowfall again. I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up a few days ago to a nice fresh 6 inches of snow! Not everyone was as excited.

After several adventures outside during the day we made a nice big bowl of snow ice cream. Last time I talked about our snow day and mentioned now ice cream, I had a reader as about the making of it.... so here is our snow ice cream.

It goes without being said that you must first play in the snow.

Make sure you have a nice fresh, thick layer, noting it worse than grass and leaves in your ice cream.

It's simple and easy and I'm sure there are tons of variations, but here's what we do. Take a large bowl of clean snow.

Add milk. For this size bowl we ended up using about 2 cups of milk. When you run out of milk, run quickly across the street to borrow some from your neighbors.

Add sugar. I think we used about 1/2 cup, although my helper was liberal, so it could have been more. Stir it all up.

Add a t or 2 of vanilla. Stir some more and serve.

I used to have my 2nd graders read a winter story (maybe Winter in the Big Woods?) where the children made snow ice cream and they sweeten it up with maple syrup. It froze in chunks and then they ate the 'candy'. The only thing about snow ice cream is that you can't have it when ever you want. It's good, so when the weather is right, you have to jump on it and eat it as much as you can. I used to be able to find snow ice cream popsicles at the grocery, but I haven't seen those in at least 4 years maybe. This summer it might be my personal mission to locate snow ice cream popsicles.


grandma said...

I haven't made snow ice cream in years. I was thinking about checking with Al Gore to see if the snow was good to use now. Probably we were not getting as much snow as we once did. I love it. I have not heard of snow ice cream popsciles. Let me know when you find them.

Phyllis said...

We made snow cream today too! Only chocolate at our house.
Happy snow day,

Jennifer Juniper said...

I have never made this! Holy cow! I think we might have enough snow to try it today, thanks!

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