Monday, February 15, 2010

carol's meal

A couple weekends in a row, we did some football related watching and eating with our neighbors. Carole, my crafty blogging friend, apparently cooks too. Hubby went on and on about how good everything he had eaten there was. On and on, really. I had to remind him that while it's ok to compliment another woman's cooking, it's not ok to go on and on about it. Thankfully I spied as Carole made this now requested dish. I'm sharing all her secrets on these yummy ranch potatoes and baked chicken 'wings'. Sorry Carole, you messed with my mans stomach. (Totally kidding, I love Carole- even when she wakes me up to go to the gym at 4:45!)

Ranch potatoes:
Start with a nice bowl of diced potatoes. Toss in some olive oil.

Sprinkle on a packet of ranch dip, the dry powdered kind.

Bake until they are nice and tender. I think I baked 45 minutes or so. The kids and hubby went crazy and ate them all. (this picture is from Carole's kitchen, but mine looked just as good, almost)

Baked chicken wings/pieces:

Cut up chicken breast (or whatever cut of chicken you have handy) in pieces. Dip pieces in milk, then in a breading mix. I keep a container in the freezer of cornmeal, wheat flour, corn meal, seasoned bread crumbs and some seasoned salt.

Here's the assembly line: milk. breading. sauce (we used Ken's steak house honey mustard- Carole also did BBQ sauce some in hot sauce), then pan. (I set this up backwards, it makes more sense to work left to right...)

Bake the chicken until it's thoroughly cooked. I think I baked for 40 ish minutes. The sauce got yummier the longer it cooked. This picture again is from our neighbors house, but mine were pretty too.

While I'm talking about Carole, I might as well mention that she has some fun new bags listed in her her shop. Go take a peak, they are so cute and well priced.


grandma said...

I'm sure it evens out. Other men are probably saying kind things about your bread, pretzels, etc. Now that you are making her recipes, it will stop. Not as healthy but would be good to add some onion and bacon to those potatoes. We used to fry them that way and called them Ranch Potatoes even without the Ranch Dressing.

Chris said...

mmm... looks good. might have to try these potatoes this weekend!

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