Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sewing lessons, pattern testing, good readers

I've been doing two new and super fun things this month. I was asked to give some sewing lessons to a mom I know through Bee's preschool. I've helped friends complete projects before, but never sat down to teach someone the basics. She's been a great student, eager and excited to learn to sew. She inherited a super nice machine, so it's been fun to work with not only her, but her fancy machine! It was necessary to start at square one. We spent a good amount of time practicing sewing a strait line. Three hours later and she ended up with a really cute valance. She did 100% of the sewing. I don't know who was more proud. She just told me today that her daughter wants a heart shaped pillow. I see our next project!
Also, I asked Jessica at Happy Together if I could be a pattern tester for her. She sews the cutest things and loves to repurpose old clothing just like I do. Recently, she's gotten interested in selling her patterns. Before she can sell a pattern, she needs to work out all the kinks using pattern testers. That's where I come in. She sent me all the patterns and directions to make this super cute, mod tie shirt. I don't think I can share a picture of it yet, but it's a cute pattern and makes a fun shirt. I can't wait to show it off. Here's a sneak peak. It's waiting for a little body to try it on when she wakes up.

Look what a kind reader sent me (and this time it's not my grandma!) a sushi rolling mat and cook book. I guess she didn't approve of my dish towel rolling method. I think all the pieces are falling into place... I'm going to get this sushi thing! Thanks Amanda!


amanda said...

I didn't even see that you were using a dish towel (reading too fast!)--that's a great idea! Figured one woman, two hands, don't need TWO mats and the book is the one i got in a kit about 7 years ago. it's pretty helpful--happy sushiing my friend!

grandma said...

Grandma didn't even know there are sushi rolling mats. I watch the Food Network a lot but haven't watched that type of cooking. I had a person asking yesterday if I knew about DVD players. At least I'm not that far behind on what is happening in 2010.

Lisa said...

That's really neat to be a pattern tester!

Anonymous said...

I've never known anyone who owned a sushi rolling mat. I am very proud---and now a pattern tester. I can't wait to tell people. Yesterday I didn't know that patterns needed to be tested and now I am the proud parent of a pattern tester. WOOOO WOOOO

Love Always,

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