Sunday, February 7, 2010

quilt along- week two

This week's assignment is cutting the fabric. (full details found here at I Have To Say)

The directions tell me we will be cutting 100 7-1/2"X 3-1/2" rectangles from the print fabrics and 100 3-1/2" X 3-1/2" squares from the neutral fabric.

Thankfully Randi has detailed directions and pictures. Also, thankfully, I have a few quilter friends to oversee my first cutting assignment! It was suggested that we rip the fabric to get a strait edge. I couldn't believe how crooked my fabric was cut. Look at this piece I ripped, it's so crooked, which means that the fabric was cut crooked at the shop.

This was the perfect excuse to go buy a nice acrylic ruler cutting guy. I'm sure they have a real name. I did get everything cut out, but didn't get a picture.

I ended up with a nice pile of scraps and pieces. I probably shouldn't have started messing with them, in case I need pieces later on for the quilt. I can't start sewing on the quilt yet, and I just couldn't wait to get started on something with this pretty fabric.

I made this fun zipper pouch. It's going to match the new bag I'm knitting perfectly.


I used some of the ripped off pieces to make this Cakies inspired necklace. I've already found two sweaters to wear it with.

Week two was more time consuming that week one. Next week is sewing the quilt top. I am so excited! We go on vacation during one of the last weeks. Hopefully that's the week we have to do some sewing by hand. I'm all about sewing in the car.

Here's my first week: Buying and preparing the fabric.


grandma said...

I'm sure this was the dullest part of making your quilt. How large will it be?

Anonymous said...

I like the necklace

Love always,


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