Thursday, February 11, 2010

felted gardenia wool beach tote

My brother and sister in law picked out this super nice wool for me for Christmas. I told myself I wouldn't start until I finished this bag. The day after I did though, I got right on this one. I made a few changes (made it bigger), but mostly used the beach tote pattern from the book, Uncommon Crochet. There are three other projects in there I am excited to try. My librarians must be crochet and knitting fans because we have a large selection of these book in our town. Lucky me.

I really actually liked the pre felted size so I didn't let it wash in the hot water using the felting process too long. This pink is called gardenia (which is funny since gardenias are white... maybe there are a number of varieties?) and it says spring to me. I think we could use a little spring right now.

I love the finished bag. I added a super big flower just for more fun. As if the color wasn't enough.

I can't wait until spring. It's making it's maiden voyage to the hospital Thursday morning.

This bag went together so quickly. I'll never knit another one. Crochet is the way to go!


Aunt Donna said...

Love your new bag! The wool is yummy and the embellishment is icing on the cake! I don't crochet...but my friends say it's much faster than knitting. Good for you that you can do both.

Jennifer said...

Love it! I say UP with CROCHET!!! Much faster than kniting, and more forgiving.

Anonymous said...

I was excited for you to see it Donna. It only took 3 days! Beth

grandma said...

The bag is beautiful. The color makes it more exciting, too. What color will you make the beach bag?
I'm sure God is holding you in the palm of His hand this weekend and you will make a wonderful nurse.
Love to all.

Carole Davids said...

love how it turned out! Im adding this to my project list.

Valerie said...

That bag is adorable!!

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

sooo glad that you love the yarn and could put it to good use!

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