Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to ruin dinner- method 17 and 42

So, you want to ruin dinner. Are you looking for an excuse to order pizza? Here we go...

method 17: Place a pork tenderloin in a 9x13 glass Pyrex pan. Make sure it's a nice tenderloin that you've been saving for the perfect pork tenderloin night. It's best to use your favorite 9x13, you know the one with the nice lid and travel case. Add the last of your favorite barbecue sauce- preferably the barbecue sauce that you can only find out of state... make sure to use every last drop. Place in the oven at 350 degrees. Leave in the oven for just a few minutes, then remember that you wanted to add just a little water to the bottom of the pan. Carefully open the oven door, pour in the water, and BOOM!

Exploded glass will fill your kitchen and the bottom of your oven. The messy barbecue sauce adds to the fun clean up. It's best not to warn your family. The look on their faces as they run (wobble- should they be recovering from surgery) to the kitchen to see the emergency is priceless.

Method 42: Don't worry about ruining the tenderloin, you have homemade chicken noodles in the freezer. You used pioneer woman's recipe and they are delish; homemade chicken stock and tender noodles, yum. Wait! After retrieving the jar from the freezer (which was placed in a freezer safe glass jar) is cracked all through out. You may think about trying to save what you can but then you remember home ec. class in junior high and you are pretty sure there are shards of glass all in your noodles. Mrs. Harvey wouldn't lie, although she might have told you inappropriate things about why she liked to wear spandex. Shudder.

This method takes some prep time before hand. Make sure that you leave lots of head room when placing the chicken noodles in the freezer, so the jar won't crack that way. However, you must place it in the freezer before it is 100% cooled. This ensures that the top layer of liquid will freeze much faster than the bottom middle of the liquid, causing the big, full jar cracks.

Your children will be impressed.

Congratulations, you have ruined dinner twice. It's pizza for you!

(If you are an early morning reader, tomorrows post may be a little late, I can't post it until another blogger posts something on her site. It will be there though. no worries.)

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grandma said...

How awful to have two dinners ruined in the same day. I hope the chicken noodles were left over from a nice dinner when they were made.I don't envy you that clean up.

Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama said...

Oh my gosh -- that photo of the destruction in your oven is horrifying! I'm glad you didn't get hurt!
And then to discover a second ruined meal... =(

But I do have to thank you for linking to that chicken & noodle recipe, that looks phenomenal, and is definitely going on next week's menu!

Tina said...

Holy Cow!! What a horrible dinner experience! LOL. Thanks for sharing with us in a humorous way! I am so glad you went for the pizza in the end!!!

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

oh, I"m so sorry that the pyrex and the oven were so busted. I'm glad that no one was injured!

Jenn said...

Whoah! That sounds awful. Don't you just hate when you have one of THOSE days in the kitchen? They usually end in my cutting my fingers or burning my arm though. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Glad you were not hurt. Sorry about the pyrex and the meals. It may help to not fill your jars as much so the contents have more expansion room.

Love always,


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