Friday, February 5, 2010

snow popsicles

It dawned on me Monday when I was writing about snow ice cream and not being able to find anywhere to buy snow ice cream popsicles, that we could try and make some. Admittedly the snow wasn't great today. It's been there a few days and it's starting to melt. I did find a shaded area in the back that still had a few good inches. I gently brushed away the top layer and took some of the middle stuff. I felt like it might be cleaner. We made up snow ice cream and then ladeled it into every popsicle holder I could find. We have 16 popsicles to last us until the next snow.

Of course, taste testing is required. They were good. I would not say they were as good as those I've bought before, but no one complained. I'll need to stock up on popsicle molds before the next snow!

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grandma said...

They even look pretty. The snow we are to get today probably will miss you. Do they have snow days for Bee?

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