Tuesday, February 2, 2010

felt food and other finished projects

I'm mostly just posting this to show my dear friend Lori what I have been making for her little one. Lori is my old job sharing partner/partner in crime when I taught part time after Bee was born. We joked that we talked more to each other than we did our own husbands those years. (We had a classroom full of high maintenance kids and parents!) Lori is the mama to two great boys and a brand new baby girl. She asked me to make this for Christmas for her new little gal, but it just couldn't get done. The shop was busy and I had bunches of our own projects going on. She's the sweetest friend ever and was totally understanding. I set Valentines day as my goal to complete her felt food. I'm not done, but I've lost some steam, so here's what I have so far.

Breakfast: pancakes, bacon, eggs
Salad: lettuce, hard boiled egg slices, cucumber slices

some vegetables: carrots and beans

snacks: big fat pretzel and gold fish

fortune cookies:

Pasta: bow tie and ravioli

Half a PBJ (missing the top slice of bread)

the fixins for a sandwich (missing the bread- I'm working on it)

Here are some of the desserts I plan to make for her. I made a set for another friend this time last year. I have a long list of other items I plan to make. Maybe we'll just start here for right now though.

Lori- I am finishing the missing bread slices for sure and will ship up some of the desserts... anything else you have your heart set on right now?

My sister placed an order for an adult apron to match a little girls lemon apron. It's for her boyfriends sister who shares my February birthday. Christina- it's done and shipping today!


grandma said...

You have been busy. Thanks for finding the time for the blog. Sue phoned me yesterday to see why you had missed two mornings of the blog. We all start our day this way. I know the little ones had a great time with the snow. We didn't get six inches but we still have snow.

Anonymous said...

I am just squeeing over your goldfish! That's my son's favorite snack -- and I never thought to make him those to add to the felt food he already has. Cute idea!

Che Birba said...

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