Saturday, February 27, 2010

quilt along: week 5

Week 5: free motion machine quilting (full directions here, at I Have To Say)

This has been my favorite week. I liked the, well- the free motion, of the free motion quilting. I had to borrow a free motion foot while my fabric shop ordered one for me.

Not all my swirls and loops are great, but the thread color blends in for the most part. It's not detail that you really see unless you look for it. Overall, I am pleased with the quilting. I really have thought with each step, "I could ruin it all right here." Not a real positive way to look at it. Each step takes a good deal of time and is so important to the completed project. Since this is my first quilt, each step and was new, I was just so worried that this is where I could wreck it all.

Chloe helps me inspect. The front looks great...

but look what I find when I turn it over. There is a big gather at one edge. I spent yesterday evening ripping out stitches and smoothing things out. Today I am going to try to redo that area. I heard that the Amish women leave a error in their quilts so that they aren't perfect. I am one with the Amish gals right now.

Next week we work on the binding and then are DONE!


Sarah said...

Hi - I'm hopping over from the QAL. Your free motion quilting looks great. I love all the great ideas on your blog. We share somethings in common - sewing, quilting, little ones, midwest and breadmaking!

amanda a said...

So did you put the free motion foot on your regular ole' sewing machine? i'm going to have to google free motion foot to see what it looks like! i'm so intrigued. i'm not ready to do that yet with emma's quilt--still piecing but i love yours. the colors, the swirls, the pattern. awesome Beth!

Jennifer said...

One thing to remember - I am still learning this - is that once you wash it, the quilting not only feels much better, it looks much better. So small flaws and creases disappear!!!

grandma said...

Great job. Everyone will want one.

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