Saturday, February 6, 2010


We welcomed in February by changing out the snowman decor for some Valentines items.

I totally copy cat(ed) this painting. I saw this image over at one of my must read blogs, Make It Do. Its not her original image, but I followed it back as far as I could, and couldn't find the original source. So, this is not my design, but I did copy it best I could onto a large canvas. I love it. There's a small spot where Bee stuck her whole hand in it and I fixed it best I could, but you can still tell.

My new little red birds are there. Bee's family picture is there as well as the pitcher my father in law made in 1960, and the heart garland I made after seeing it at Skip To My Lou.

We (or rather hubby) finally fixed Bee's headphones. Her poor fp3 player (by fisher price) has been sitting in the laundry area to be fixed since we moved to IN in August. Lou needed something to listen to, so he is using hubby's old mp3 player. They were so cute, and rather quiet, for the better part of an afternoon listening to kid music.

My crafty, super mom friend Amanda, emailed me about two years ago to tell me she had found a new use for the 'bug legs' (baby legs) that I make. She used them to help keep her little ones mittens on and to keep the wrists from getting cold when the coat eventually pulls up from the hand. This is the first winter we got to try it out. Lou has on two shirts, and then the mitten and baby legs (over the mitten and sleeve). When the coat goes on, the mitten is firmly tucked into both the baby leg and the coat sleeve.

We also tried them on our legs too. Lou has on two pairs of socks, then the baby legs. Then we added another pair of pants, boots, etc. I think we were the warmest sledders out there. I really think it did a good job of keeping snow off of skin.
(my photos are messed up again in the layout form. It's been a couple days of this and I think I should have it fixed from now on. geesh.)


grandma said...

What a great idea. You probably have fresh snow. We do. It snowed all day yesterday but the temp was 34 so it was just slush. Last night when it was cooler it stayed so we have an inch or maybe two.

grandma said...

Forgot to comment on those crocheted hearts making the garland.

Anonymous said...

We have about four/five inchs, I spent an hour clearing snow with the church's snow blower. My good boots were in the back of the Explorer which was in Champaign. If forgot that I needed to wear heavy socks with my old boots. My feet got cold before I was done.

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