Sunday, March 28, 2010

3 Bunny Crafts

We had our meeting at the nature center to plan out the crafts for the next quarters toddler sessions. The kids and I made up some sample crafts for each theme. Here are the three we made for rabbits. It's animal themed, not holiday related... even though it's this week's crafts. That's totally different.

This one involves a t-p roll. We like projects that involve t-p tubes... This cutie even has a little puff ball tail. I cut out all the pieces for 60 kids and my hands are sore. 

This one is the kids hands traced and cut for the grass. The bunny could be made from paper like this one of from a small white paper plate.

This last one is a kid's hand traced with the pinky and ring finger together and then the middle finger and pointer to one side. the thumb is forgotten in this bunny head. We decided that this one was too fast and our kids are too little to draw on faces that would be recognizable.

I haven't been sharing much about the nature center this year. It mostly because I take the camera, but I actually have kids that come each week now. We started with 3-5 kids each week. Last week I had 20! I forget the camera is even there!


grandma said...

Love the bunnies. Wish I could help cut things for your projects.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea---develop and "auxillary" of folks who would be happy to do the cutting etc. You could "outsource" it. The only problem with the idea is that it is often easier to do it yourself than expail it to someone else. I suppose you could email the auxillary people a picture of what you're thinking. Just an idea.

I too love the bunnies!
Love Always,


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