Wednesday, March 17, 2010

spring snack

Bee had leader day at school last week (except she ended up being sick that day and we traded days with a friend). We sent our snack anyway. We made up these butterflies with all kinds of healthy goodies inside. The idea was from Family Fun magazine. Snacks are placed in those mini sized sandwich bags. Then clothes pins are used to gather the bag and create a 'wing' on each side. The clothes pins can be decorated. The ones in the magazine were decorated with glitter paint. That's a good idea if you aren't making them the night before. A pipe cleaner pieces is added for the little guys antennae.

Lou did a lot of helping getting the butterflies ready.

Bee really took her time on hers.

Team work is always a good idea.


Anonymous said...

Last two pictures are great!

Love Always,

Sarah said...

Those are super cute! I might have to make those for an Easter Egg hunt we are hosting for preschool age kids.

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