Tuesday, March 9, 2010

key chain love

I have been using a key fab for the past three years it, but it was wearing out. Luckily, my neighbor Abbey came to the rescue. She made me the cutest pink key fab. I just love this style because it easily slips onto your wrist leaving your hands free to wrangle kids and buckle people up. It's also super easy to find my keys in my purse.

There it is with my retired key fab. Abbey is getting ready to list these super handy key chains in her etsy shop. She has all kinds of fabrics- some really fun ones. If you just have to have one, feel free to leave your email address here and I'll hook you guys up.


grandma said...

I like it. I notice your wash board. That was made by Thompson's in-law's family near Columbus, Ohio. We tried to see the factory when we were there.

Anonymous said...

Julie's family?

grandma said...

Yes, Julie's family. I think they have now sold it to the city. I think I heard it was the last wash board factory. I know I read about it once and they were making small boards to send to the military in Iraq.

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