Thursday, March 11, 2010

goats and guinea

The spring weather yesterday took us to a friend's house. There was a baby goat that needed a bottle and Bee and Lou were more than happy to help. This little gal is a week old. Her name is Audie.

She guzzled the bottle.

Audie was sucking fingers after her bottle. I love that the little guy on our friend's back is getting a good look at the goat too.

The part Bee couldn't stop talking about when we got home was chasing the Guinea.

They chased and chased....

until the birds got smart and retreated to the roof.


grandma said...

That must have been a great outing for the little ones. I am home again.

Anonymous said...

Wow-- a guinea and a goat---what cool friends to have!

Enjoy the warmer weather.

Love Always,


melkaye7 said...

Beth, we'll have to really look for spring the next time you're over. I feel badly that that part of the day got left out. I'm sure they'll be more goaties and plenty of guinea-chasing to come!

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