Thursday, March 4, 2010

Etsy favorites

I've sat down every evening this week with the intentions to write about this book I just finished reading (Kelly, it's the book you let me borrow). It's such a heavy book (not physically) that I guess I just need a few more days to process it all. It's about our food and the yuck we eat.

Instead, I'm stalling.... I have been wanting to give a little esty love to some of my favorite sellers on etsy. I tell hubby that it's my responsibility as an etsy seller to support other etsy craftsmen. That means I must shop there. Its rough, but I do ok with this responsibility!

In no particular order.... (all of these photos are from the sellers' etsy shops)

I love these on Bee. These bloomers are so cute on her and fit her so well. She mostly only wears dresses. This past summer, these personalized bloomers were worn so often, they usually went straight from the laundry to the body and back again. They never sat in the drawer more than a day.

I have ordered a number of items from Long Winter Farm. I love everything I have ordered. Everything. The gal that runs it lives in a yurt in like Maine or somewhere else cold. She has a bunch of animals and makes soap... how fun. She sells soaps, creams, lip balms, shampoos, etc. Once I tried the shampoo bar of soap. It wasn't for me, but I did have some great hair days.

My tags come from Bella Mental. I have ordered like 7 orders of them now, maybe more. She only makes them from customer requests now, but they are the best I have come across.

It's embarrassing how many of these I've ordered. Jimmie Pickles makes the cutest key fabs. I've given most as gifts... so it's ok, right?

I've written about Boy before, but he really might be my favorite etsy purchase. Dragonfly's Hollow creates the most adorable waldorf inspired dolls.

A close second is this needle felted Peter Rabbit I ordered for my Grandma, who does not need another Peter Rabbit collectible. He was just more precious than I expected. I just wanted to keep touching him. Just look at the shop- everything is so sweet. I so want to learn to needle felt next!

I've mentioned our beeswax from Twinkle of My Eye , rainbow prism from Maggie Girl, these wooden people from Gemmie Lou and the advent coloring book from Elsie Marley before, but we love them too.

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grandma said...

You will need to watch the bloody fingers when you start doing that needle felting. But you have the patience. Love Peter Rabbit.

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