Saturday, March 27, 2010

just a short

Just leaving you with this today. I have more Easter orders than I know what to do with right now and there are actual events on our calendar this weekend. A welcome change for sure. I forgot that Indiana pretty much shuts down for the winter. This is finally a busy weekend for us. Just leaving you with this short video today.

Wish I had gotten more of the swim- she's just too fast and she only promised me one good swim for the video. She is finally getting it all together. Using both arms, body out, face in. I'm a proud mama. On a side note- we found most friends in FL had kids that swam well very early, but here in IN, Bee is one of the youngest kids we see actually swimming at our pool. 


Anonymous said...

Very good job Bee. Grandpa A is very proud of you.

Love Always,

Christina said...

Way to go Bee!

grandma said...

Bee will be life guarding very soon. She can split her time between the pool and making pretzels at the mall.

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