Thursday, March 18, 2010

it's a trade

I've never done a trade on etsy before, but last week another seller contacted me to see if I was interested in doing a trade. She makes the cutest hats- I was game. Bee received this adorable fleece hat from My Kids Lids. It's pink to match her winter coat. She couldn't be bothered to stop eating her snack to pose for a picture.

Here is her silly response when I told her I needed a picture from the front. She pulled the hat down over her eyes. The hats come in 3 sizes and Bee has the largest, which is to fit a 4 year old up to a tween.

The flowers are so fun. I love that they are 3D. Lou will be needing a boy hat before next winter. They have some really cute boy hats! I wonder if she wants to do another trade.


grandma said...

Tell Bee she looked prettier making snacks for school. A bird will come along and sit on lip and peck off her nose. I don't believe mothers tell their children that anymore.

Aunt Donna said...

Love the pink hat and flowers! If she wants to make another trade, I vote for the cute hat with the car. I went to her Etsy site and she has some darling things. :)

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