Saturday, March 6, 2010

St. Patty's Table Runner

Around here, we say "If you sew it, they will come." Those silly cats find anything freshly sewn the best bed in the house. Chloe claims this spot on the new St. Patty's Day table runner. Ellis got it the next evening.

Here it is with another green project (on here tomorrow). 

I used the steps from the quilt along with just a few changes to make this runner. The quilt took 6weeks, this guy only took 2 evenings.

I had all the fabric on hand except the 2 St. Patrick's fabrics. I only had to buy 1/4 yard of each and they ended up being on super sale. Instead of piecing each square, I sewed the fabric in long strips that were 4 inches wide and then cut the sewn strips in 4 inch strips. I connected 4 of those new strips for each of the long stripes. (Our seasonal book basket on the hearth is a stretch this month... we only had 1 actually St. Patrick's Day book. The others are just green themed, or frog themed, etc) (I also see I took this photo before all the binding was sewn on in the back. It is just pinned on the edges that go over the table. That's all done now though)

Instead of the 'warm and natural' cotton I used inside the quilt, I just used a piece of flannel. I did the same free motion quilting on top and the same binding steps (more directions here at I Have to Say)

Hubby does not see the need for a table runner. Ours is on the coffee table rather than the kitchen table. Our kitchen table is round and often gets pretty messy. Plus, we don't want the cats on the kitchen table.

After a trip through the wash, the table runner has a cool old quilt look. I think some matching coasters are needed!


Anonymous said...

very pretty---

Love Always,


grandma said...

I see a need to look for an after St. Pat's Day book sale. I must get some books off to you. I have three on hand now but not for St. Pat's Day. We have been through a nice park in Tuscumbia today when we went to see Julia's Little House. They have a carousel which reminded me of the Bee & Luke.

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