Thursday, February 24, 2011

another flop

Sometimes things don't turned out as planned. Lou wanted a hotdog shirt.  No problem.   I raided the scrap bin and whippped up a hotdog shirt.

He took one look and announced that he would not be wearing it because hotdogs were not pink.  He says they're gray.  Apparently I serve old gray hotdogs at our house.

Anybody need a shirt with a pink hotdog on it? Seriously, I'd love to send it to someone not as picky as Lou.  It's a 3/4T.  Seriously, I'll send it.


Sandy said...

I think it turned out really cute! Too bad I don't have a toddler around to give it to.

Amy said...

too cute! mt daughter would totally wear it!

Amy Kakkuri (just ordered a puppet theatre from you--love your blog!)

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