Wednesday, February 16, 2011

run and a wash

Bee and Lou had their first race of the season.  They had so much fun last summer that they said they wanted to do several races they year.  I didn't run in this race because I didn't know what the weather was going to be like.  The kids were free, so if the weather had been snowy, we just wouldn't have gone.  It was rather nice out and I should have run!

Lou's age group ran 100 yards.  

Daddy had to run behind him.
Bee's group (she's in the pink coat towards the left)
 ran 1/4 mile.

I had to run with her.  I ran in a wool sweater.  I was not prepared.   We all have a race next month.  I will wear appropriate running clothes.

They got their medals and were happy. 

We got a car wash on the way home.  Hubby whispered to me, "watch Lou."  He was cracking me up.  He sometimes goes with daddy on a boys trip to wash the car.  He loves it! 

He just watch and smiled and giggled the whole time. 

Bee was a little scared.  She stays with me when the boys wash the car.

She made daddy narrate the whole wash.

Lou might get a job here he decided. 

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