Tuesday, February 22, 2011

interview with Bee- her wedding plans

She has it all figured out.  I don't know where she gets this stuff.

Bee has two boys in her class that likes.  She doesn't really know about 'boyfriends,'  so she's decided that she'll marry one of these boys.   She's tossed around these two boys, but has made her decision.  We were leaving a birthday party where the whole class had been:

Bee:  I don't think I can marry B anymore.
me:  oh yeah?  Why?
Bee:  He didn't eat birthday cake.
me:  I know, I saw his mom brought him a differnt snack.
Bee:  He's allergic.  He has to have different treats at school too.
me:  You can't marry him now?
Bee:  I would be sad if he couldn't eat birthday cake on my birthday.  Your husband is supposed to like your cake.
me:  good call sister.

(She's very much over me taking her picture since I got the new camera.  "Seriously, mom!")

So now her focus has been on the other boy, N.  He's a nice boy, good family, fine choice.  She's told him and he seems fine with it.  He told his mom and she seems ok with it too.  They've told their teacher that they will be getting married and she lets them sit at the same table now.

Bee:  Mom, another boy at school wants to marry me now.
me:  who is that?
Bee:  That little short boy that sits at my table.  I asked him what he wants to be when he grows up and he said he's going to be a knight and he can keep me safe.
me:  a knight?
Bee:  Yea... that's what I said.
me:  Have you asked N what he wants to be?
Bee:  He wants to be a Doctor.  I think I'll stay with him.

I was talking to N's mom and mentioned this conversation. She said N wants to go into infectious disease.  Interesting choice for a 5 year old.  

Unrelated note:  Check out how she wrote her wrote her name on her paper the other day.  Hannah.www.com


Rodricano said...


Anonymous said...

It is good to have plans.

Bee looks sad & tired in these photos. Where is her smile?

Love Always,


Lesia said...

She has that pouty model look down. very cute! I am glad that she knows what she wants on a husband!

Sandy said...

Can we have interviews with Bee as your posts on a regular basis? It made my day :)

Ott, A. said...

That's adorable. I remember having "boyfriends" and planning weddings to them in the 2nd grade. I don't think I ever asked any of them what they wanted to be when they grew up so good for B for being a bit choosey right now.

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