Wednesday, February 23, 2011

signs of spring

It was a wonderful sunny weekend. It was our first for the year. We went without jackets, but only because it was so warm compared to recent temperatures. I told the kids it would get cold again so they needed to enjoy it while it lasted. This week is already proving to be cooler and wetter.  We're back in jackets.

It looks like we'll have some tulips or something by the mailbox. This is a fun year for us since we don't really know what will be growing where.

I hung laundry out.  I only enjoy this because I don't have to do it.  The towels were crunchy when I brought them in and had to put them in the dryer anyway.

I'm pretending this is green grass. It's actually wild onion which stays green most all the time.  It's green and I'm thinking it means spring is coming.

The kids played outside.  It was so nice to be out of the house.

They ran and ran and ran and then went to bed early.  That's the sign of a good day.

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Dani said...

Lucky you! You guys clearly didn't get the 8 inches of snow that we did.

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