Monday, February 21, 2011

The tree is done... mostly anyway

I showed a little about the tree I was painting a few weeks ago.  I think I have it mostly done now.  I want to add a few more photos of great grandmas and grandpas, but it may take some searching to gather them.  

Here's where we started.

 Here is the artwork that inspired this painting. 

Brown tree.  I tried to draw some pencil lines, but I mostly winged it. 

Leaves and a second color added to everywhere for a little dimension.   I have zero special painting talent.  I just lack the fear of messing up.  This has proven to be a disadvantage at times in my life.

I found some photo corners that were made from brown ribbon. They were even on clearance.  I wanted to be able to change the photos as needed, so I didn't do anything too permanent with the photos. 

Here you can see the photo corners better.  This picture is of my sisters in Mexico.  I love it.  I think she's at the edge of a volcano?  I don't even have a passport.

Here's my youngest sister.   She's a super cutie 16 year old.   She has a passport too. 

I didn't stay too balanced,  like my siblings are one one side and hubby's on the other; we would have been lopsided.  Our parents are up there of course.  I want to add our grandparents and great grandparents but am still working on gathering those photos.  It's all a kid level so they can see them easily.  I'll put more photos up when we get the great grandparents up, but I'm calling this done for now. 

I am linking up to some of these fine parties. 


Annie said...

What a great idea. Love it!

Sarah said...

Cute idea!

Ani said...

That's a neat idea, especially when you don't see your family that often. Ours lives quite far away...

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