Friday, February 18, 2011

wallet flop... or dump

I made up a new lickety split bag which I can't seem to photograph.  I made up a wallet to match.  Look at that.  Here's the inside, one side with credit card slots and the other has two larger pockets for cash and receipts or whatever.

The outside has a zipper for change.

It snaps shut. 

Great wallet huh?   wait for it... wait for it.... one tip upside down and....

there it goes... everything falls out.   No shaking required.  It just falls right out.  Can't have a wallet loosing all my stuff.  Bee has a new wallet. 


Anonymous said...

Maybe if instead of a small flap coming over and securing wth snap or velcro, how about if the flap ran the length of the wallet & had velcro all along or at several spots?

Love always,

Kelly said...

oh, no! I loved all the features of that wallet & was about to ask for one of my own :)

jess_hak said...

That would be an unfortunate occurrence! It is a good thing that you had the foresight to test it! I wouldn't have and then I would be having random charges on my debit card. lol

Amanda Pedro said...

think maybe you can run another seam along the card slots? Make it a bit smaller?
sometimes, thought, it's just easier to start over?

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