Saturday, February 19, 2011

learning curve

Hubby picked out a special gift for me.  Because he's sweet and listens well, he got me a DSLR camera.

Oh boy, it's more camera than I know what to do with.  I'm going to need a class or something.  I'm trying some online tutorials first.

The cat has been my best model so far.  She's patient and very still.

Bee and I have been taking lots of pictures to test things out.  She's asking for my old camera.  She says she'll pass her camera onto Lou.  That's probably not going to happen.

I did have to take a lot of pictures today to figure a few things out.  I have a funny story about this batman costume.  I'll have to share it another time.  Lou wears it all the time.   He still can't fly but he tries.

I was trying some different things with the aperture here with the kisses.  

Then I ate them.  Several of them.

Soon I'll be able to use this gift from almost a year ago. 


grandma said...

I had one of the new Hershey Kisses with soft carmel center. It was so yummy. Thank goodness it was at our senior game day and I could "eat just one".

Amanda Pedro said...

congrats on the camera. I have a dslr and don't know how to use it either. i forget everything. So, I use the landscape mode. It's not working so well in the winter indoor light. I can't wait to take pictures outside again.
looks like spring where you are!

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