Saturday, February 12, 2011

I just love them- another crocheted hat

I do just love them... the kids...  and the new hats.   I used the pattern I wrote about earlier this week to make little girl sizes.  First I made the 5-6 year old size for my 5-6 year old.  It was huge (you'll see it at the bottom) This hat is the 3-4 year old size.  I grow big heads at my house, so this was surprising. 

This hat came together in one evening TV vegg session.  Hubby got his paperwork done early (he usually does it after the kids are in bed, so we miss most evenings together) and all we wanted to do was hang out on the couch.  I don't feel so lazy if I have a little hand work project going.

We picked up some tulips at the grocery and Bee and Lou have been all over them.  I keep telling them to leave them alone so they stay pretty.  Lou is certain that Bee's have been in the house since he sees pollen.   

Because I had to make a second hat, I had to pull apart some of an afghan I'm slowly working on.  I've decided it's not that pretty anyway.  It's not going to get finished unless there is a cross country driving trip. 

This is the size large flower on size 3-4.  It's available here at Aesthetic Nest.

Lou seriously wanted in on the flower photography.

Bee's eyes are cracking me up.  She is barely tolerating her brother interrupting this photo shoot.

One of us must have said something to him about being nice or waling away from our photo taking wall.

The first hat (size 5-6 year old) was huge.  It fit me.   A little too big for Bee.

This one was supposed to be for a friend that often gives us bags of hand me down clothes.  She'll be getting the smaller hat and I'll have to make Bee another one.


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