Thursday, February 3, 2011

skinny leg jeans...

I'm generally two years behind current clothing trends.  I'm always pretty sure that they'll pass and I'll be glad that I didn't invest.  Well, I don't think the skinny leg pant is going anywhere just yet.   Mark my words, I will not peg.  If it goes there, I will not. 

Ok, so I have the pants now (I actually took in a pair of jeans I already had) and have some shoes (can't get on board for the big boot thing).  Can't find what kind of shirt I'm supposed to wear with them yet. 

Do you have some fashion advice for me?  What kind of shirt do I wear with these silly pants?


Melissa said...

I thought that about the boots...and I tried a pair on. They are so if you want to steer clear of them. DO NOT TRY THEM ON because you won't want to take them off.

I can't pull skinny jeans off. God just didn't give me the legs for them or the height! lol Longer tops generally look good with them or a longer sweater...sometimes with a belt. Tunics.

jess_hak said...

I have been reading your blog for quite some time. I have really enjoyed all of your posts. I thought that I would weigh in on your fashion question.

Tunic style shirts do look good with them. But I also enjoy wearing nice tailored shirts with mine as well. Or a shirt and cute jacket. And recently I've thrown them on with an embellished t-shirt and a cardigan and a chunky necklace. I personally don't think that you have to cover your bum when wearing skinnies, just remember that when you look in the closet or go shopping. (however if you invest in jeggings or leggings...please cover it) :)

As far as shoes go. Flats are super cute and comfy. Another shoe that looks really good with skinnies and are equally as comfy are flat boots to be worn over the pant (please don't buy Uggs). I invested in a pair this winter and it has been all I've worn (as we have had a foot of snow on the ground since the beginning of Dec.)

Looks like you did a really good job taking in your own jeans! I'm always super impressed with the things that you can do and the creativity you have! Enjoy your jeans. :)

jess_hak said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

The only reason I told you not to buy the uggs is that I just have a personal prejudice against them. I just think they're goofy looking. lol I should have posted that in my first comment. :) But if you enjoy them then get them. They are comfy (I have slippers that are similar to them). I love the great sales at JC Penny's. It always makes me smile when I find something I love that is cheap...I mean budget friendly. :)

Boots are so hard to find this time of year. Crazy how quick they put out sandals! Sorry no flip flops here in MI for a while. lol After several years of looking/waiting for a good deal for boots I bit the bullet and purchased them at the beginning of the season and paid more than I would've liked to (granted I used the best coupon that I could possibly get my hands on).

Anyway, enough talk....I'm such a rambler. :) Enjoy your new clothes!

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