Sunday, February 6, 2011

valentine day stuff

 First:  there's still time (although not much) to send your valentines to the post master in one of several towns for them to hand stamp your letter with a special valentines stamp. I have always sent mine through Valentines, VA.  This year, I'm trying a different spot, no particular reason. 

You just address and stamp your cards as normal and then package all of those in a larger envelope and mail it to the appropriate post master (here's a list from the USPS with addresses and descriptions of the stamps).   They hand stamp the letters and then send them on their way.

The kids and I went to put away the snowman items and  unpack the Valentines day decor at the beginning of the month and realized that we don't have a lot of special things to bring out.  We had some crochet heart garland and a red wreath that we also use at Christmas. 

I got out some crafting supplies, old black frames and set the kids to work making some valentines day artwork. 

Lou mad one with lots of stickers (bottom left) and Bee made one with a heart with an arrow through it.  I made one with three hearts sewn down the middle and then we made one for daddy since he was not home when we crafted. 

Hubby's is the top right.  It's four candy hearts he gave me the first Valentines day that we were 'talking.'  That's what we called it then, I'm not sure what they call it now.  We were in high school and I was dating someone else.  Hubby was doing his best to stop that.  The day he gave me those candies, we in the lobby area after lunch and he kept calling me over.  He'd wink at me and hand me a candy.  I saved them in my jewelry box all these years.   I am easily swayed by candy treats.

They are hanging next to my little line of vintage valentines.   I really enjoy them and have looked forward to finally hanging them somewhere.

Third:  Here are a few things from last year:

Fourth:  I have another valentines project that I've been working on for tomorrow. 

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