Sunday, May 1, 2011

yard sales

We all woke up so excited to go out and do some yard sailing today.  Hubby went with a buddy to turkey hunt today, so it was just me and the kids (I didn't know he was a hunter either).  We all did our bit of hunting today.  

Look what I hunted down.  Skates just Lou's size were $5, set of knee and elbow pads were $2, and bat $2.  I would have bargained  for a lower price, but the lady ended up being a parent of a preschooler in my school and I chickened out. 

Here were Lou's purchases.  He only took 50 cents.  He said that he wanted to save the rest of his money at home. He bought these two vehicles for 25 cents a piece. 

Here's a weird purchase, but these foamy-ish lily pads were 5 for $1.00.  The lady had 200 or so.  She said she used them in her pond and bird baths.   I will use them for preschool. 

These books were 25 cents a piece.  My copy of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Brown Bear are pretty worn, so it was great to pick up a replacement copy.

Here are Bee's purchases.  The baby turtle was 10 cents.  She has a mama turtle just like it, so she had to buy this one.  She bought a glass of orange juice for 25 cents.  She determined that it was the best orange juice she had ever had and I should learn how to make it.  I tasted it; it was sunny D.  She bought two little books for 25 cents a piece and a Christmas snow globe for 25 cents.  She has a weird thing with snow globes.  I'll stick in the Christmas tub when she's not looking.

Lou spent a good part of the afternoon trying out the skates.

He pretty quickly decided that a helmet would be a good idea.

He wore himself out.   Daddy didn't get a turkey but he did get a tick.  I don't know what it is about the southern part of this state.  Neither of us ever remember getting one growing up in the north part of the state.  We had a dozen last year alone. 


Danielle said...

great finds! At what age did you start taking the kids garage saling and at what age did they actually enjoy going? I have been wanting to take my kids soon. Also, how do the kids make money in your house? Just trying to get different ideas from different moms about this. Thanks!

Melissa said...

Love your finds! We hit a few sales yesterday and had a blast. I love finding home decor items that can be changed to fit our house with a little fabric or spray paint. :o) Hubby says he should have bought stock in Rustoleum ;o) I think he might be onto something there.

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