Tuesday, September 6, 2011

peer pressure

It was total peer pressure.  I didn't want to do it.  I didn't want to join and get sucked in.  I didn't want to have another thing that called for my attention and time.  I think though that this will be a time saver.  No more searching for a lost idea or trying to cite a source that I can't find. 

I joined pinterest about two weeks ago.  It's like a tidy way of organizing cool things. Again, I didn't want to join because I didn't need another thing to do online, but I'm so glad I have.  All of the cool ideas I see online get easily 'pinned' or marked and sorted into my own categories.  I don't have to read the whole idea or write down the directions.  I can quickly go back when I'm ready.  I have one for kitchen, one for sewing, preschool, kid fun, etc.  When I see anything online that I like I hit a button on my browser bar and it pins it for me.  When I want to go back and see my pins they are all there, sitting pretty for me to see again.  

Here's another cool thing,  I can follow people who I like and see what they have pinned.  I can see that my cousin really has great home decor taste and my old friend from high school loves to cook (or least collect) great recipes.  Facebook can help you find friends who also are on pinterest or you can just find strangers with similar interest and taste as yours.

The best part is probably that it lets me see tons of ideas in just a few minutes. And allows me to add them to my boards so quickly. It also links them to the source, so no more uncited projects!

Anyway, I'm a fan.  If you want to see what things I like and have pinned, here's my page.   There's still a bunch I don't fully understand about it, but I'm glad I'm weak and gave in. 

unrelated photo:  At our teacher work days (which included Lou) he was sent home with this awesome track that never worked out well at school.   Too bad for the kiddos at school, because we are having fun with it!


jess_hak said...

I heart pinterest! :) I was like you at first. Very skeptical...like I needed one more thing to suck up my time, but this is honestly easy, and a time saver! So much organization to be had....and I agree, I was always frustrated by the citing situation and never remembering where I found something. Problem solved! Enjoy your pinning!

Anonymous said...

Mom told me that she thinks the cousin you mentioned above is me. If so, please know that I am super flattered!

I am so glad that you joined Pintest, and I love reading about your cool projects on the blog. You really are Super Mom!

All my best - Cousin Julia

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