Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the fort

Lou had an idea. He got the wagon.  He hauled it to the backyard wood pile.  He loaded it with sticks.  He hauled it up the hill to get to the front yard and built a fort. 

It's a bit of a lean-to.

He's spent a good amount of time in it over the past week.

Daddy wants to mow, but will have to use this as an excuse.

I've never seen the boy work so hard at something.

He left a spot for the door.

I asked him if there was enough room and he showed me how he could even lay down. 

The neighbors must think we're crazy.


grandma said...

I think that was a good project for him. I'm sure he will be an engineer.

Sandy said...

That is so cute... was there any goose tape involved in the making of it?? LOL :)

Danielle said...

Good job Lou! That's awesome!

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