Monday, September 12, 2011

silly girls

I just checked out a new book at the library and am pretty engrossed in it. It's a non fiction. I'm a nerd. I'm pulling something from the back-files today, just to have something to post. This is now a good three weeks old... at least.

These grew in our yard here at the end of the summer, this is our first summer in this house.  I think they are a silly flower, all stem and no leaves.   A friend I teach with said they are called 'naked ladies.'   Another teacher said she always called them 'surprise lillies.'

We've just called them 'silly girls' until now. Do you know a real name for these gals?


mommyslittlemonkeys said...

I've heard naked ladies, pink ladies. They have leaves early in the season that dry up and then these ladies bloom later.

grandma said...

I like the names you have heard. Here they are called surprise lilies.

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