Friday, September 16, 2011


I know it's not really fall yet. You sure could have fooled us!   It's chilly, the windows are cracked and we're all in flannel jammies.  It's wonderful.   We've picked two pumpkins.  The little guy fell off on his own.  There are two more pumpkins left on the vine.  Bee says they're for her.

I keep hanging this old window on the front porch and then I can't find the right thing to hang on it, but my fall door wreath fits great.  The wreath doesn't fit on the front  door at the new house with the storm door, so I'm glad to have somewhere to put it.  

This is a wreath that, no kidding, I made in high school my senior for an art project.  I made it out of vines in my mom's yard.  The fall decor on it is all fake stuff that may or may not be outdated. I've hung it every year since then.  At one house i recall it just hung on the side of the house.  I'm surprised it's still in one piece.


grandma said...

I like it. Nothing at this house becomes outdated you know. If I like it it can stay here forever.

Sparkling said...

I made one of those grapevine wreaths when I was about in 6th grade. We were on vacation and my mother was sick and they had this crafts thing, so she sent me to it to get me out of her hair. It was really pretty. We brought it home on the plane, taking care not to crush it. We didn't even put it in a bag. Airline travel was so different then. Anyway, when we got to our home airport, we were at the luggage carousel. My parents were at one part and my sisters and i were at another. I thought it would be funny to put the wreath on the belt and then my mother would see it and pick up. she didn't. We never saw it again. What a fool I was!

jess_hak said...

I think the wreath is lovely....and I really like it hung on the window too.

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