Sunday, September 18, 2011

any given weekend

These pictures are from last weekend, but it doesn't matter.  This could be any given weekend.   I've sorta felt a week behind all week, so it's probably appropriate.

We finally got the canoe out in water.  Before we took her out on the river, we wanted to check her out in safer waters.  My dad delivered it Memorial Day weekend and we finally just got it tested out.  I've had the paddles since March! 

One of my sweet little students lives on a pond and invited us out to test it at their house.  His parents seemed alright with his invitation, so we went.   I didn't trust us all enough not to tip canoe and tuck the camera safely away in the car before we got in.  We found one tiny leak, but we think we know where it is from and can be patched.

After we were done canoeing, we borrowed their paddle-boat.  Note Bee's lovely mood in the above picture.   Arms crossed, she was not happy. I don't even remember what the drama was about now.   No doubt she's forgotten too.

Then the kids played in the carwash while we loaded the canoe again.

My little friend also invited us for dinner and breakfast the next day, but I don't think his parents were alright with that.  We decided to save that for another day.

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