Thursday, September 1, 2011

the weekend

The gumballs were collected, so off we went.  It was our first time going to Holiday World and we had a blast. Excuse me while I indulge in some pictures.

Lou loved the rides.  Bee would only ride things that mama and daddy could ride on as well. 

Driving the cars was a favorite.

I pushed the pedal and Lou drove.  He was a natural!

I had to snap a picture of our lunch.  Look at the food groups represented here.  Pizza, fries and pop.  Nice and healthy!  -I must add that this pizza was delicious!

 They have a whole water park area, but we didn't even make it there.  We'll have to save it for next year.  We did find a nice spray area and playground that were just as fun.

The only mistake we made on the trip was staying too long.  We stayed past the point where we were all happy and having a good time.  We left with two children crying and two adults shaking their heads. We'll know better next time. 

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mommyslittlemonkeys said...

I really enjoy the pizza there as well. :o)

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