Friday, September 30, 2011

stretchy bands

Here's another idea I saw on pinterest. The original idea is from Skip to My Lou.   We've been calling them shape stretchies.  They are super stretchy and you can use your body to make all kinds of different shapes.

They are made from that swimsuit spandexish material.  It's over $14 a yard so instead of making a class set, I'm going with 4.  Each band is 4 inches wide and started with two 45 inch long strips sewn together.  I tweaked them to shorten as needed. 

Lou and Bee enjoyed playing with them at home.  Bee had me turn on the music and she did some dancing with hers too. I've used them once at preschool and the kids did seem to enjoy them.  They were like a lot of the newer things that I try there, a few of the kids were super into them and a few were pretty indifferent. 

A few o f the preschool kids figured out that you could also make letters with them. They even figured out that you could twist two together to make additional shapes and letters. That's what happens when we have a few late mamas at pick up time.

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