Thursday, September 8, 2011

well there they are

Lou and I couldn't wait any longer.  We dug up some sweet potatoes.  Here's what the first plant gave us!  

  Hubby's aunt cooked them up for us last Christmas in a skillet with butter and brown sugar.  That's what the plan is for this first batch. 

 These are white sweet potatoes and we started them using this method

When Bee saw them after school, it was as though we went to Chuck E Cheese without her.   She called dibs on the next plant. 

There is a movie at out church library that I see each week, but haven't checked out yet.  It's called Faith Like Potatoes.  I really want to see it now.  I agree with the title though- all summer we just had to believe that what was going on underground was really happening. 


Sparkling said...

i'd be right there with her, devastated if you picked them without me!!

Danielle said...

I saw that movie a year ago and it was really good! You will like it, not sure about the kids cause it's a drama.

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