Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mixed Up Chameleon color day

One day at preschool recently was 'colors.'  My 4 and 5 years old are pretty good at colors, but did need a little review.  I love The Mixed Up Chameleon.  Its a fun story about a chameleon who is bored with who he is and wants to be like the other animals he sees.   When we read it, I added more color words. 

I made a felt set to use for retelling after we read the story. 

In the end, the chameleon is a little like all the animals he sees.   When you stack all the felt pieces up,  it's just like in the book. I had the kids help me remember all the animals. 

Then, after much explanation of how we were going to be using these pieces, I passed out these story sticks.  Each is a paint stick covered in the soft side of velcro.  All the story pieces are laminated and have the stractchy side of the velcro attached.  We retold the story again and added the pieces.  They fit on just right. 

I saw the idea for the story sticks on pinterest. The original idea is from Making Learning Fun.  They used them for Brown Bear, Brown Bear.   I plan to use them for other stories too, and could do shapes, numbers, letters to spell words.  The wheels are turning on this one.   After all the velcro I used on these, I'd better use them all year!


Kathy said...

Great idea! I will try this idea with another story. I will use paint sticks or rulers and ticky-tacky. That should work.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love this acctivity. I am having a hard time creating it myself. Could you post a link so that I can download it. Thank you!

Allyson Gardner said...

I love this idea. How did you find the pictures the sizes you needed them?

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