Monday, September 5, 2011


Lou has never had a real haircut.  We've never taken him anywhere, it's just been me giving him a tiny trim here and there.

We all love the curls, but with school starting for him this next week, it was time for a cut.The 'girl' comments were starting to get to daddy.

My friend Jennifer cuts hair, so we went to her house.  We traded a haircut for some babysitting.  Lou sat so still.  He couldn't wait to play with Jennifer's son's cool toy. 

She did a great job.  I told her to go a little short, it grows fast enough. Gulp.

Later that day, Lou was doing his work by daddy doing his work.

Check out how the boys are sitting just the same below.

Just the same.

Hard at work.  Just the same. 

There are still some curls.  I miss the longs ones (see the first photo here) but I've stopped staring at his head all day with a quivering lip.


jess_hak said...

I love little boys with curls! It still looks really sweet though! Lots of curl left in it. Some mile markers are so hard for mommies.

Sugarbug Boutique said...

I understand your pain. Everytime I get Parker's hair cut, I think the same thing. I think it's just us moms that notice, though! He looks adorable as always.

Lucy said...

I've been cutting my almost 4-year old niece's hair for about 2 years. We keep it short and she gets mistaken for a boy quite often. You'd think the pink clothes would be a clue.... She got asked at pre-school why she was the only girl with short hair. I told her to tell them long hair hurt (she hates to have her hair combed through any tangles, doesn't like bands in her hair and she sweats a lot, so that made sense to her). We knew we'd been successful when other little girls told their mommies they wanted short hair because long hair hurt. Short hair suits her, and all her aunts, grandmas & Mommy have short hair. I suppose there will be a day when she wants long hair, but she can have it when she can take care of it. I can't imagine her with long hair, just had you had trouble imagining Lou with short hair.

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