Wednesday, September 21, 2011

new favorite words activity

This is my new favorite activity for working with words. It is right where Lou needs to be working too, but Bee could do some work with it too.  I'm sharing it with all my preschool parents too, I just love it.  You can write the word in the top or place a vocabulary card there.  Mine is laminated so we've been using those new dry erase crayons.  Love those too.

 After reading the word together, letter tiles or cards are used to spell the word.  Then the child writes the word on the lines.  I've been using it with Lou and he likes being so successful with writing a word.  Today he wrote 'robot' and then walked around the house writing it again and again on other paper scraps. 

This Read, Build, Write mat is available here at Home school Creations. She has some other great vocabulary and words activities that are worth checking out.

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