Monday, September 19, 2011

the go anywhere bag that went one place

I couldn't wait to make up Noodlehead's Go Anywhere Bag.  She teased us about it for awhile, but has the pattern available now.  I went right to my stash and looked for fall colors.  I chose this vintage brown corduroy from the boxes that my Great Aunt sent and a thrifted sheet from some random yard sale. Lets call it vintage too. 

I struggled with my sewing machine during a good part of the bag.  It wasn't a good part really.  It was one of those projects that should take an hour and takes 3.  I thought I was going to have to send my machine in again, but I feel like I just did that in the spring.  In fact, I did.  (after struggling this day and the next several, I determined the massive problem could be tracked down to a new sewing needle.  An evil sewing needle.  Put the old needle back in and the problems were solved.  Many hours wasted on a fancy needle splurge.)

While I was sewing, I noticed the brown corduroy was especially fragile.  I repaired one tear with a faux flap and button.  I assumed the problem was solved.   I proudly carried it to school the next day. 

Every time I looked down at it, it was ripping and tearing and falling apart.

After all those hours and the swearing the first time around, I pulled out all the stitches holding the brown in place. 

The next night, I remade the top portion and resewed the bag with something sturdier and newer from my stash.  I still fought the sewing machine.  I cried a bit and tried to bargain with God.  I'm sure my sewing machine is right up there on His list.   I did finish it and it's going everywhere with me.

I packed away the sunny 241 bag until next summer. I do really like that this bag is a little bigger.  I've been throwing my book and a kid water bottle and a couple of snacks when we go out.  It's been a fun new size. 


Kelly said...

so cute!

Sparkling said...

It's like it was reinventing itself all day! I hate it when I spend way too long on a project that should take minutes and the longer it takes, the more agitated I get and it takes even longer!!

Olives and Pickles said...

Love the colors.

jess_hak said...

This is gorgeous! I love it. I love that top color...from the pic I can't tell if it's gray, brown, or both....but either way I love it!

I'm pretty sure your sewing machine is right up there on God's list of priorities....along with my inability to diet. lol :)

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