Sunday, May 24, 2009

go boy go

We have a new animal rescuer in our house. Lou's doll, Boy, apparently was in need of a backpack. Either that, or Lou was stalling bedtime. I was working on a Diego pack for an order and just made a tiny little version just the right size for Boy. He is currently carrying around a toy frog and a spool of thread. Going to make a zip line...? It's hard to say.

Boy came from etsy this past Christmas as a gift from my mom and has been a dear friend to Lou. The creator of Boy was Dragonfly's Hollow. She was so sweet to work with and really helped make Boy just how I wanted him. I just really love etsy, not just because I sell stuff there, but it makes really great handcrafted items available to everyone. I certainly wouldn't have found this super sweet mom of 6 (5 to 14 years old) in TN who makes such lovely natural toys without etsy.

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