Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bee's new purse holder

Look at the before.... oh my!

Some might not be able to look past the 1982 style teddy bear scene on this board. I saw a sturdy rack that just needed a little loven'.

It was hard work, but I used a hammer and attacked the old bears.

I covered a piece of cardboard with a thin piece of batting and then some fabric. This fabric matches her lamp.

Ribbons and buttons were added and then it was secured in the frame. I did white wash the frame before adding the covered board. I liked the pink color, but it was too bright. I am happy with the finished shade. It looks nice next to her bow holder on her wall.

She moved the purses and bags in right away. I moved three pictures from her bulletin board over but she has sense fill it up. (I'm itching to pull the bulletin board down. It's stuck to the wall with double stick tape and might be a mess.) That bag with the bunny is mine from when I was little.

Also added to Bee's room recently are these shutters made into a headboard. My neighbor had them in her garage sale the weekend we moved in and I thought about them for two months before going back to see if she still had them. Sure enough she did and gave them too me. She's a crafter too and couldn't stand the thought of pitching them. She just started an etsy shop and a blog too. She sells bows and the cutest rag bags. I'm hoping I can get her to do a giveaway here soon.

I meant to paint Bee's room before it got too cold to open the windows, but it'll have to wait until spring now.


Anonymous said...

Very cool repurposing. You are so creative.

Love Always,


Aunt Donna said...

"What's old is new again!" Love her room!